You’ve bought all the best equipment, maybe even purchased some new Under Armour spandex or Lulu Lemon tights that claim to increase performance.  You’ve practiced and prepared yourself for another road race, maybe a triathlon, or even just another epic powder season. You’ve stretched up, rested, and now it’s go time.  But, I bet you neglected one major thing, your own musculoskeletal system.  Sure training will keep muscle strong, but you can get a whole lot more out those fancy spandex if you actually took care of those tight muscles and sticky joints throughout the years.


Dr. Rajbar has a vast understanding of human biomechanics and sport specific training. His experience in these areas are matched by no other in the bow valley, and will help you achieve personal goals to look and feel your best. His approach to training begins with identifying deficiencies in movement patterns, by utilizing a series of advanced movement screens. Weaknesses within the body will be quickly addressed through exercise selection. Corrective exercises can often be integrated into a 15-20 minute warm up. The following are some of the benefits you will receive from personalized training with Dr. Rajbar:

  • Understand how to train around current and previous injuries
  • Understand your movement requirements and deficiencies
  • Increase strength and power
  • Decrease the chance for injury though specific and highly advanced mobility work.
  • Look and feel your best

Dr. Rajbar Currently works with local and international level athletes and is available for a select few clients.


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Didn’t think your own body could slow you down did you?  It works just like car maintenance, except you can’t trade in your body for a new one every 3 years. Demand has to be met by a supply. The minivan needs to head to the shop every 6 months, a race car is making a pit stop 5 times a race. Regardless of the level of performance you are expecting, we can help you to make practical and improving changes to suit your individual demands.